The Mississippi River via the Great River Trail

Update! Great River Trail Trash Trek Itinerary

Planning and preparation is coming along.
There’s still plenty to do, but I’ve got my schedule pretty well laid out.
I’m excited that everything is coming together, so read on for my itinerary!

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Planning and prepping for the hike is going well thus far. Clarissa and I drove up for a scouting trip to check out places that I intend to stay, as well as potential food and water stops. So far, almost everything is looking good!

The only hiccup so far is at the beginning of my journey; I had planned on staying at Mississippi Palisades State Park the night before I started the hike, but there’s road construction between the park and the beginning of the trail in Savanna. With the reduction (and at times absence) of the shoulder, I’d prefer to not walk along highway 84. In all likelihood it would be fine, but for safety’s sake (and to comfort both my wife and mother), I’m going to try to stay in Savanna that night.

If you or someone you know would be interested in putting me up in Savanna on the evening of 6/26, please let me know. I’ll be leaving early on the 27th, I’m very quiet, and I am housebroken. I’m willing to couch surf, sleep on the floor, or pitch my tent in the backyard. Should that not pan out I’ll need to orchestrate an early morning drop-off, but that should be doable as well. Whatever it takes to set out on the trail, I’ll make sure it happens.

Other than the night before departure, I’ve got my stays scheduled and reserved when possible. Here’s my itinerary:

Monday 6/27- I’ll set off from Savanna and head to Thomson. I’ll stay the night at Thomson Causeway.

Tuesday 6/28- I’ll head out from Thomson and hike to Fulton, where I’ll probably stop for a meal, then head on to Albany, where I’ll be staying in Dolan Memorial Park for the night.

Wednesday 6/29- I’ll hit the trail and hike through Cordova and stop in Port Byron, where I’ll be staying at Camp Hauberg.

Thursday 6/30- When I get up I’ll head out from Camp Hauberg and hike through Rapids City, where I’ll probably stop for a bite, then head on to Hampton. There, Clarissa will be joining me as we stay in Illiniwek Forest Preserve for the night.

Friday 7/1- Clarissa and I will set out from Illiniwek and walk through East Moline, Moline, and onto Rock Island, where we’ll terminate the trek at Sunset Park.
The Mississippi River via the Great River Trail
With this schedule, you’ve got a general idea of where I’ll be, so if you’d like to join in for a leg of the journey, even if just for a little bit, I’d sure appreciate the help! I’ll keep everyone updated along the way via Facebook and Twitter, so you can know where to meet up with me if you so choose.

If you can’t join me in person, you can still help by joining me in spirit, and helping to pick up trash on any trail, in the woods, in a park, or even in your own neighborhood. I’ll be launching a giveaway soon in conjunction with the trek, available to anyone who participates both near and far, so keep your eyes peeled for updates, or subscribe to make sure you never miss a post!

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