Turning 35 and Looking Back on 2017

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Yesterday was my 35th birthday. We celebrated quietly, wrapped up in a blanket, watching a documentary-ish reality series on Netflix, and staying warm as the outside temperature plummeted and the roads iced over. At our feet, our pup Inkling alternated between chewing on a bully stick and snoozing in a little nest. I’m no party animal, and as far as birthdays go, I’m pretty happy about this celebration. I turned 35 with little ceremony, but much reflection – though we did celebrate a night early at Great River Brewery…

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I turned 35 today. I'm not a big celebrator myself, but today is a good day for reflection. This past year of my life has been pretty good; I made new friends, quit a job, started a new enterprise with my wife, adopted a pup… And that's just scratching the surface. Life is good guys. I've got everything I need, and a lot of what I want. There's lots of room for improvement, but I'm pretty happy about how life is turning out. We started celebrating a day early, because Great River Brewery started pouring a cask conditioned Spicy Ginger Brown Ale yesterday. This tasty brew is served via an old timey beer engine, and that's pretty awesome. #intrepiddaily #beer #pourmeariver #greatriverbrewery #beerengine #quadcities #tagtheqc #qc #craftbeer #happybirthday #capricorn #oldtimey #drinkup #microbrew #davenport #niftyfifty #nikond3300 #tbt #ThirstyThursday #growingup #beard #livingthedream #atthebar #celebration #caskale #craftbrew #Brewery #birthday #makeawish

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To be honest with you, I failed most of the goals that I set for 2017. If that sounds negative, don’t worry, it’s not; it’s merely a fact, and facts are neither positive or negative. Instead, they’re shaped by how one interprets them. Further, failure can be quite instructive, and I learned a lot from 2017. So as far as failures go, this is pretty good.

I bit off way more than I could chew last year, as far as goals went. Then, when I was already struggling to make time for them, I switched directions. All of a sudden, some of those goals seemed much less imperative. So I failed. Big whoop.

I still managed to quit a job…

Sleep on a mountain…

Drive across the US…

Start a business venture with my wife…

And adopt a dog…

If you’re keeping track, it all adds up to this; 2017 wasn’t really a failure, it was an education. And one hell of a ride.

35 year old Wade has a lot ahead of him in the year 2018. A lot of strange, complicated, difficult challenges. He’ll need the lessons from 2017 if he’s going to succeed. He should probably also stop referring to himself in the third person, truth be told. Because it’s a little weird.

That’s as much as I’ve got for words of wisdom right now. If you want more, go read the Rules for Intrepid Living. Otherwise, thanks for joining me on this ride. I hope I have lots of great stuff to share with you this year. If nothing else, I promise to bring you lots of cute photos of the pup.

Here’s to an intrepid 2018 everybody!

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