Current Events 4/5/2016

Want to know what I’ve been up to?
Curious as to what I’ve got planned?
Read this post and you’ll find out how I’ve been spending my time and what’s coming up!

Three Mistakes I Made

Want to take an adventure, but don’t think you have the time, money, or opportunity to do so right now?
I used to believe that, but I’ve come around to a different way of thinking.
Read on and avoid the mistaken beliefs that held me back.

Five Great Reasons to Go for a Hike

This past weekend we went out in the unseasonably warm weather and enjoyed a great hike at a nearby historic site. Have you been out hiking lately? Here are five reasons that you should!

Run Away! (For a Day)

This post explores the value of getting away from your day to day life by taking a Day Trip. I’ll tell you a little bit about our trip to Madison and give suggestions on how you can take your own!

Camp Etiquette 101

Since¬†Clarissa and I are planning to camp¬†along the Mississippi River this weekend, I’ve been thinking