Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #23

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Rule #23. Assemble your team.

Visiting home for the holidays has afforded me the opportunity to catch up with some great friends. In the course of spending time with them, reminiscing, and talking about our future plans, I’ve realized just how great of an influence my friendships have been on my life. The truth is most of us can’t achieve our goals or successfully chase our dreams without help and support. That’s why it’s so important to fill our lives with good friends; if you’re going to do great things, it will behoove you to assemble your team.

One of the areas in which I’ve been truly blessed has been the friendships in my life. Over years, I’ve partnered with all kinds of men and women in all manner of ventures. I have placed my trust in my friends time and time again, and have never been let down. Sure, we’ve argued and fought, and even come to blows a time or two, but I’ve bet life and limb on them time and time again, and they’ve always come through for me when I needed them. They’ve bled for me, and I for them, and that’s how friends become family.

My team is an odd bunch; I’m friends with doctors, lawyers, bartenders, artists, furniture makers, rangers, professional wrestlers, EMTs, priests, chemists, cops and criminals… They don’t all see eye to eye, they don’t all get along, but if I asked them to come to my aid, they’d all have my back. Can you count on the people in your life like that? I’m willing to bet that there’s at least one person in your life that you can count on through thick and thin; no matter what you’re up against, a friend like that is always going to be in your corner.

No matter how independent, resourceful, and competent you may be, you can’t do everything alone. At some point, you’re going to need assistance, and there’s no better help than the help of a good friend. So cherish those friendships. Keep them strong. Let the people in your life know that you love them. And be open to the new friendships that can come your way; the best way to make a friend is to be a friend, so be the kind of person your teammates can count on.

There is a lot of adventure waiting for you out there. As you prepare, don’t forget that you’re not in it alone. Remember that you’ve got people you can count on, friends you trust, and a team that won’t let you down. So when the time is right, send out the call, and assemble your team.

“Rules for Intrepid Living” is an ongoing weekly article that gives potential guidelines for how we can all live a bit more of an intrepid life.

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