“Let Sleeping Cats Lie” Print


11 x 9 inch art print. It’s a cat. Sleeping. Do not disturb.

You know you would pet it. If it was real (it’s only a print though, sorry).

All art prints are hand drawn, hand carved, hand printed, and hand torn. In other words, they’re made by hand and have some imperfections and slight variations. Just a heads up!

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens, here’s a print for you.

I grew up with an awesome white cat. She didn’t care for most people — mainly just me.

So even though I’m a dog-person now, I love cats.

And just like doggers and puppers, cool cats and kittens deserve good homes too. That’s why 50% of the profits from this print will go to shelters and organizations that help animals in need.


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