Habit Builder Printable


Habits are the keys to success.

So to achieve our goals, we have to build new habits… But let’s face it, that can be HARD.

But it’s a whole lot easier when you use this Habit Builder.



If you want to achieve a goal, you can’t rely on motivation alone.


Motivation is fleeting. It never lasts!

To achieve your goals, you need something else entirely — the right habits!

But let’s face it, habits are hard to build. And although people like to say it only takes 21 days to build a habit, research has shown that it can actually take much, much longer.

The challenge is sticking with it long enough to build the habit, knowing that motivation doesn’t last.

That’s why I created this Habit Builder. Using a technique called Don’t Break the Chain, this printable will help you set goals and stick with them long enough to develop into habits by using your own progress to refresh your motivation every single day.



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