My Truck Isn’t Destroying the Planet

Are there more environmentally friendly vehicles than the truck I drive? Yes — and no. Like most things, that question doesn’t have a simple, black and white answer. Instead, it has a complicated one, which I try to dive into here. So buckle up, we’re going on a truck ride.

Be Creative — Rule for Intrepid Living #86

An adventurous life comes with a lot of challenges and obstacles. But at heart, these provide opportunities. what are problems other than opportunities? When you run into problems, you need to create solutions, and the best way to do that is to be creative. Want to know how you can cultivate your creativity and become a better problem-solver? Read on to learn more.

Out of the Wild: What We Can Learn from Alaska’s Removal of the “Into the Wild” Bus

Since it was first published, Into the Wild has drawn people to the abandoned bus where Christopher McCandless died. Many of these kindred spirits required rescue themselves — so many so that the bus has finally been removed from the Stampede Trail. Why were so many people drawn to this artifact of one young man’s demise, and what can we learn from it?