Welcome to Our New Home: Starting Our Life in the Black Hills

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For the last five years the Quad Cities have been my home, and the area has been quite kind to me. In my time there I’ve been a digital archivist, a marketing copywriter, a freelancer, a tour guide, a bartender, and a writer. Above all else, I’ve espoused the benefits of local adventure, microadventure, and incorporating adventure into your daily life. I’ve met wonderful people, and had fantastic experiences. I have nothing but good things to say about the QC. But it’s time to move along, and we’re making our new home in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Good-bye Quad Cities
Thanks for the good times Quad Cities. We’re going to miss that Mississippi River!

Clarissa and I fell in love with the Black Hills when we honeymooned here in 2015, and we’ve long desired to stay permanently. We’ve set our eyes on the right opportunities to make this area our home, and its finally proven fruitful! We’re truly blessed; I’ve always wanted a National Forest as a back yard and nearly untouched wilderness right around the bend. And now here we are in our new home.

Iron Creek Trail, our first family hike in our new home
Our first family hike in the Black Hills, Iron Creek Trail. We need to get Inkling a flannel bandanna.

As we settle into a new routine in Spearfish, SD, I’d like to thank you all for your patience. I know that my publication schedule has been a little wonky, but expect fresh content every week. I’ve got lots of good stuff on the horizon; gear reviews, guest posts, lots of adventures in our new home, and plenty of dog stuff.

Hiking in our new home
Were enjoying hiking in our new home already, although the pup has a lot to learn!

I’m also interested in hearing about what interests you! Is there something you’d like me to review or write about? Let me know! Would you like to guest post? Drop me a line. Adventure is a community, after all, and we’re all in this together.

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Welcome to our new home
Welcome Home

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