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Knockaround Sunglasses — The Only Sunnies I Ever Wear

Looking for quality sunglasses at an affordable price? Look no further — Knockaround Sunglasses has the perfect pair for you, no matter your style or lifestyle.

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It's important to protect your eyes when you're out adventuring. Whether you're hitting the trail, enjoying the beach, or even just driving to a destination, UV light can damage your eyes and impair your vision... That's why you should always wear sunglasses with UV protection when you're out in the field. My favorite sunnies are Knockaround Sunglasses. In fact, they're the only sunglasses that I ever wear. This is why...As you might expect, I’m outside a lot. Even on days that I’m not out adventuring, I’m walking Inkling or tossing balls in the yard with her for a few hours. Add to that any time spent driving, and you can start to imagine that I wear sunglasses pretty often. I do in fact, but not just any pair. I always wear Knockaround Sunglasses.

I’ll confess, I have more pairs of sunglasses than anyone needs. Probably too many truth be told. All Knockarounds. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, they are literally the only sunnies I ever wear. I’ll get into the “why” of that momentarily, but first let’s take a moment to think about why we need sunglasses at all.

Why Do We Wear Sunglasses?

Dude, it sucks to get sun in your eyes — and dust, snow, wind, or any other random debris too. That’s the simple reason to wear sunnies. Of course, you have some serious reasons to put them on as well. Just as the UV radiation from the sun can cause skin damage, so too can it hurt your eyes. This is cumulative, so over the course of a lifetime the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes and vision. Short term problems can be uncomfortable and painful, but long term problems include cancer, more severe pain, and potential blindness.

Wearing Knockaround Sunglasses at Horseshoe Bend
Sun and sand ain’t easy on the eyes. That’s why you need a good pair of shades.

Obviously you want to protect your peepers. That means either staying out of the sun which — for many of us — simply isn’t an option, or wearing sunglasses with UV protection.

Protect Your Eyes

We know that we need to protect our eyes and vision from UV rays… But we want to look cool doing it. Lots of great sunglasses companies use UV protection in their lenses, but a lot of the cheap pairs that you can pick up from gas station or convenience store racks won’t protect you. On the other end of the spectrum, you can count on quality brands like Ray-Ban or Oakley to come with quality UV protection.

Wearing Knocks in the Badlands
You know you need sunnies in places like the Badlands… But you should protect your eyes every day.

But those brands come at a premium cost — expect to fork over at least $150 for a pair. I don’t know about you, but I beat the crap out of everything I own. My sunglasses end up falling off of mountains, rushing down streams, getting chewed on by dogs, and once even ending up in the washing machine. So I would worry about that $150 investment.

Enter Knockaround Sunglasses

Every pair of Knockaround Sunglasses offers full UV400 protection built into the lens. That’s 99 to 100 percent protection that won’t fade over time — exactly what you need whether you’re on a road trip, enjoying a day at the beach, or spending a week on the trail.

Knockaround Sunglasses for everyone in the family
Affordable shades for the whole family.

So what sets them apart from other sunglasses brands? The first thing that you’ll notice is the price: you’re not looking at $150 to $200. Instead, expect to spend about $30. That’s a significant difference, but don’t worry that you’re not getting a quality product — only after five years of use and abuse am I retiring my favorite pair. That’s after they’ve slid down a mountain, suffered getting chewed on by Inkling, and taken a tumble from the top of the truck when I forgot I set them on there. In short, they can take the abuse.

What About Style?

Let’s be honest — we may want to protect our eyes, but we also want to look good doing it. Nobody wants to wear ugly sunglasses, so when it comes to buying a pair of sunnies, looks matter.

Inkling in Knockarounds
Gotta look good!

So what’s your personal style? I guarantee Knockaround has a style to match. I’m a big fan of the Fort Knocks and Premiums, but if you dig aviators check out the Mile Highs and the Mount Evans. Into more vintage looks? They’ve got you covered. Have a wide face? There’s a pair for that. In total, Knockaround has nine different styles to choose from — ten if you count the Kids Premiums (children need to protect their eyes while looking cool too).

You’ll find tons of frame and lens color combinations, and can get your lenses polarized if you’re into that (I am). Knockaround also creates limited edition sunnies, and really awesome collaboration pairs if you want a pair that’s unusually fun. Whatever your style, Knockaround Sunglasses will complement your look. I’ve worn mine everywhere from Mount Whitney to London, and whether I’m in the backcountry or on city streets, they always look good.

Design Your Own Pair

But if you want a one-of-a-kind pair of Knockaround Sunglasses, you can have them too. You can design an entirely unique pair of Knocks with their Customs option. From the lenses to the arms, you can have the exact pair that you want. That’s not a big deal for everyone, but for those who have their own personal style and want sunnies that no one else has, custom Knockarounds are a great choice.

Knockaround Sunglasses in the winter
I trust my Knockaround Sunnies year round — whether I need to protect my eyes from direct sunlight, road glare, or reflection from ice and snow, my Knocks have me covered.

The Pros and Cons of Knockaround Sunglasses

For those of you who like things laid out simply, here are the pros and cons of these sunnies.


  • Every pair features durable, high quality materials. The plastic frames are light but solid, the hidden spring hinges work well and don’t lose tension, and the lenses are impact resistant.
  • Every pair has UV400 protective lenses, and most lens colors come in a polarized option.
  • Knockaround Sunglasses come in tons of variations of nine different styles. You can also check out limited edition or collaboration pairs, or design your own in the custom shop.
  • They’ll protect your eyes from direct sunlight, reflection from snow and ice, and glare from the water.
  • These sunnies won’t leave you broke — expect to spend around $30 for a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes during an active lifestyle and look great doing it.


  • If you’re looking for shatterproof lenses for shooting sports or specialty uses, these aren’t for you. Knockaround lenses are impact resistant, but they’re not safety goggles.
  • If you prefer heavier frames, Knocks may feel unsubstantial or delicate.
  • People will want to “borrow” them, but you’ll never get them back.

Honestly, none of these cons dissuade me from wearing Knockaround Sunglasses. I sport a pair every day — they comfortably do exactly what I need them to do, and look good doing it.

Knockarounds in Colorado
Wherever we travel, I’ve always got a pair of Knocks on me.

Knockaround Sunglasses: The Final Word

Protect your eyes and look cool doing it. Get yourself a pair of Knockaround Sunglasses and enjoy them year round. These are quality sunnies that stand up to an active lifestyle and come at an affordable price. They’re awesome and I love them!

Get your own pair of Knockaround Sunglasses today!

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