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Greetings everyone!

After a weekend of camping, I didn’t have much time to work on posts for this week yet. My goal is always to have one or two articles a week for you to read, but life will sometimes get in the way of that; I really want to invest myself in my adventures and microadventures, so it can occasionally be difficult to get the writing and editing completed in a timely fashion. I’m also very invested in sharing my experiences with you, but as I explained in last week’s Rule for Intrepid Living, sharing the story is important, but the story must be in service to the experience. So if I have an adventure, a microadventure, some new gear, or just have a technique or approach that may be useful to you, you can trust that you’ll have an opportunity to read about it. It just may take a week or two.

I appreciate your patience with me and my publication schedule when the experiences keep me from sharing the stories right away. I also wanted to give you a warning in advance; since Clarissa and I will be tying the knot the first weekend in September, there will be a week or two where I’ll be flying under the radar. The weekly Rules for Intrepid Living post will go out on schedule, but otherwise there may not be any new posts for a week or two. If you’re interested in keeping up with us while we’re away, we will probably still be pretty active on Instagram, so feel free to follow me or you can check out my feed in the side bar.

There are a few articles on deck that should be published soon, including one about last weekend’s Wine Walk, and this past weekend’s camping trip. There are a few more in the lineup that need a little more writing and revising, but they’re coming along and I’m excited to share that content with you!

Again, thanks for your patience with my seemingly random publication schedule, and thanks for your continued interest.

Hope you’re finding some adventures of your own. Stay intrepid!

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