Can Every Day be an Adventure?

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When it comes to our lives, we often see the adventures sprinkled amidst the day to day activities that come with adulthood; working, paying bills, cooking and cleaning for example. These are things that we have to do to get by, so obviously not every single day of our lives can be an adventure, right?

I don’t think of it that way. I look at life a little differently.

I wholeheartedly believe that every day can be an adventure.

What it comes down to is how you approach your day to day. Is your life a string of events in which you shamble along until the next vacation day? Or is it a series of steps in which you actively engage to ensure that you’re making continual progress at living a life of adventure?

Understand, an adventure isn’t just the completion of an objective, like reaching the summit of a mountain. The whole experience is the adventure; the training, the acquisition of gear, the planning, the packing, the mistakes, the journey, the setbacks, and yes, the eventual success. Even the return trip home, as sad and somber as it sometimes feels, is part of the adventure.

Packing for an adventure
This is what adventure looks like.

But if you think about this, step back and extrapolate, you’ll start to see that your life is the adventure.

Every. Single. Day.

When you engage with your life as an adventurer, your forty hours in a week isn’t just slaving away to pay the bills, it’s acquiring the funds for the next escapade. Your trips to the gym or nightly runs aren’t just an effort to stay in shape, they’re the physical training preparing you for future challenges. Everything, from the books you read, to the food you eat, to the skills you learn, are all part of the adventure.

This isn’t just you and me. It’s everyone. For every grand adventure you see on Instagram or Facebook, there are weeks, months, and even years of preparation. Social media tends to highlight the climax of an adventure, but understand that for every photo taken on top of a mountain, there are thousands of photos of preparation that you probably don’t see. And that preparation is all part of the adventure.

Mapping driving routes for an adventure
Adventure also looks like this.

When asked if every day can be an adventure, that’s my answer, though it may not be the one that people want. Yes, every single day of your life can be an adventure, but it won’t always be the exciting conclusion. Sometimes your day will be the prologue, the training montage, or even the dramatic setback. Remember, it’s all part of the game, and life (whether you decide to be an adventurer or not) won’t be all success. You can’t just have the wins. You’re going to have the losses, the injuries, and the shitty days. Don’t give up. It’s all part of the adventure of life.

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