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California or Bust…

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You may be wondering where the new Rule for Intrepid Living is today. After all, it’s Thursday, and that’s always RFIL day.

Well, not today. Instead, I’m going to tell you what’s up with Intrepid Daily. You have notice, no doubt, that my posting has been rather erratic this summer. Let me just go on record right now apologizing for that. I have every intention of rectifying this and getting back to a more regular publication schedule. Just not yet.

Because we’re off on a road trip!

We head out this Sunday, and we won’t return for a month. We’ll be living on the road for that span of time; camping, staying with friends, visiting family, and even staying in a tiny house via Airbnb. We’ve got a lot planned for the trip, like rock climbing in the Black Hills, exploring a little bit of the Grand Canyon, hiking Half Dome, and much more. This is the kind of road trip I’ve dreamed about taking since I started reading Kerouac in my teens, and I’m so excited that Clarissa and I have the opportunity to hit the road together heading west for California.

Kia Sportage, our Road Trip vehicle
We’ll be living out of Sophie, our Kia Sportage, for the month.

While my plan is to post some new content while gone and keep you updated about life on the road, the next month or so of publication will continue to be erratic. Once I’m back home, however, expect a return to a more robust and regular publication schedule.

This road trip marks the beginning of a new chapter for me, my life, my wife, and Intrepid Daily. Thanks for your patience, your continued support, and for coming along for the ride. Here’s hoping I can continue to help you find your own adventures along the way.

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