What’s Going On? Current Events: 6/1/2016

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I’ve found myself in a spot where there’s tons going on, lots of changes taking place, and plenty of great adventures coming up! I’m excited about where I’m at in my life, and wanted to bring you up to speed.

Thursday was my final day of employment at the John Deere Archives. I’ve enjoyed my three years working there; I’ve learned a lot, made some friends, and I hope I’ve left the place in better shape than when I arrived. I’m a little sad to be leaving, but I’m also excited for my next opportunity. The Archives Team sent me (and my colleague who also left the archives) off in proper fashion; Bent River and a personalized Wade bobble head!

Me as a super bobble head

This super bobble head version of me is awesome!

I’m going to devote time this summer to new endeavors, more adventures, and plenty of posts here! I’ll pick up some money along the way, and I have some potential writing gigs and speaking engagements in the works, so everybody cross your fingers that some of those work out.

On Wednesday, the day prior to my last day as a digital archivist, I went on Paula Sands Live, a local talk show covering interesting subjects here in the Quad Cities Area. If you’re interested, you can watch the clip here. I’m always excited to share the good word about adventuring and the great outdoors, so it was a real treat to talk about some local spots on live television.

Wade and Paula Sands

Paula is a great host and took a real interest in the message I shared!

Since I no longer have a job and Clarissa got a day off for Memorial Day weekend, we loaded up the Sportage and drove South to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park. There were a few hiccups on this trip, but we navigated them pretty well and managed to have a great time anyway! I’ll write more about this trip and share it with you soon, but until then, just know that we enjoyed our stay, and saw some amazing stuff.

On the Natural Arch Loop Trail in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

On the Natural Arch Loop Trail in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

I’ve got lots more content coming; tomorrow is a Thursday, which means a new Rule for Intrepid Living, and soon I’ll be posting an update the Great River Trail Trash Trek. There’s more in the works, so be sure to subscribe and never miss an update!

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