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What is a National Forest, anyway?

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In last week’s post I mentioned that I was excited about having a National Forest as a back yard. If you haven’t explored one before, however, you may have asked yourself, “what is a National Forest? Is it like a National Park? What about Wilderness Areas?” I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing each of these, and I want to introduce you… Read more »

Wrong Turns and Strange Precipitation: Camping at Sand Ridge State Forest

Good morning camping at Sand Ridge State Forest

In early April I drove a couple hours south to Sand Ridge State Forest to spend a night alone in one of the back country camp sites. I got a little lost on the trails, dealt with some unusual weather, and had a wonderful time by myself in the woods. Read on for the full story.

Camp Etiquette 101

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Since Clarissa and I are planning to camp along the Mississippi River this weekend, I’ve been thinking about the variety of people I’ve run into during my adventures. So many of these people were Boy Scouts in my youth. As I’ve gotten older, this isn’t the case anymore, but I’m often reminded of my scouting experience. Regardless of what we may think about… Read more »