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Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #49

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #49. Provide cheerful service. At the end of last month, I took a week for theĀ Great River Trail Trash Trek, picking up forty-three bags of trash over sixty-five miles. Last month my wife Clarissa led a yoga class for the organization Yoga 4 Homeless, leading to the collection of $100, toiletries, coffee, clothing, and yoga mats for donation to… Read more »

Great River Trail Trash Trek: Today is the Day!

The Mississippi River via the Great River Trail

Greetings all! Barring any unforeseen complications, I’ll be on the trail by the time you’re reading this! I’m very excited, and I hope that you’ll be joining me in some small way! Remember that you can track my progress via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Feel free to tweet at me or message me on Facebook if you like or want… Read more »