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A New Venture: QC Outside

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Take a Hike: My First Post on QC Outside

Introducing my new venture (and adventure) QC Outside, an outdoor activity blog on Let’s Move QC!

Five Great Reasons to Go for a Hike

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This past weekend we went out in the unseasonably warm weather and enjoyed a great hike at a nearby historic site. Have you been out hiking lately? Here are five reasons that you should!

Run Away! (For a Day)

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This post explores the value of getting away from your day to day life by taking a Day Trip. I’ll tell you a little bit about our trip to Madison and give suggestions on how you can take your own!

You’re Not Bored, You’re Boring…

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Note: While I try to write for a broad audience, this post discusses banking and money, and in that discussion I refer to US institutions and dollars. The rest of the information in this post will still work for you, regardless of where you live. This summer I observed this meme, or others like it, popping up on social media…. Read more »

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

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This isn’t a surprise to people who know me, but this isn’t my first blog. I previously had a blog about my attempts at printmaking, which was on the same site as my earlier blog that was a web-comic I briefly wrote and drew whilst unhappy with a job situation. Before that I had a livejournal where various friends and… Read more »

Camp Etiquette 101

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Since Clarissa and I are planning to camp along the Mississippi River this weekend, I’ve been thinking about the variety of people I’ve run into during my adventures. So many of these people were Boy Scouts in my youth. As I’ve gotten older, this isn’t the case anymore, but I’m often reminded of my scouting experience. Regardless of what we may think about… Read more »

My Experience with the “Art of Manliness In Action” Challenge

This post will talk a lot about Art of Manliness. I’m a fan, but I’m not affiliated with Art of Manliness in any way. Though I don’t think of my blog as catering to men more than women, this particular post will be of particular interest to fellow men. Ladies, don’t let that stop you from reading. Gentleman, if you’re… Read more »