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Why Microadventure Matters: The Quest for Adventure Despite Limitations

Why Microadventure Matters

I’ve been a big advocate of microadventure since reading Alastair Humphreys’ book, Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes. Humphreys’ examples take place in England, but the philosophy of microadventure fits just as well in the US. I encourage you to read his book if you have the opportunity, or to check out my posts on the subject (here and here),… Read more »

No More Excuses: Smash Through Obstacles and Have an Adventure

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I’m a pretty busy person. I’m not unique in the regard; you’re pretty busy too. Sometimes, it seems like we’re too busy to do the things that we really want to do. We’re too busy to work on our goals. We’re just too busy. But then again, maybe we’re not. Maybe we’re wasting time that we’re not even aware of…. Read more »

The Joy of Here: Four Reasons to Have a Local Adventure

Local adventure

Last month I had the good fortune to briefly play guide to a fellow blogger, Kovas of Midwest Basecamp, while he visited the Quad Cities. I led him, his son, and some friends on a local hike, and then Clarissa and I joined our new friends the next morning for some stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. We had a fantastic… Read more »

Lessons in Microadventure from a Rainy Night of Stealth Camping

Our view while stealth camping

“Ready to go?” my friend Mike asked, as I finished a beer while I sat in his living room. I told him that I was as I made my way towards the door. I tied my boots and started layering up. I finished with a rain coat, then slung my Volta onto my shoulders. Time to go. Typically I don’t… Read more »

Can Every Day be an Adventure?

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When it comes to our lives, we often see the adventures sprinkled amidst the day to day activities that come with adulthood;¬†working, paying bills, cooking and cleaning for example. These are things that we have to do to get by, so obviously not every single day of our lives can be an adventure, right? I don’t think of it that… Read more »

Current Events, Upcoming Adventures, and Technical Fixes

Current Events and Upcoming Adventures

Greetings Intrepid Daily readers! My publication schedule has been a little erratic as of late, and I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. I wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to speed about what I’m up to, what’s going on, and what’s coming up. Current Events: Since completing the Great River Trail Trash Trek, things have been pretty… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #43

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #43. Not deciding *is* deciding.
Have you ever procrastinated when it came to making a decision only to be found it had been made for you?
Have you ever found yourself asking, “but, what if it’s the wrong choice?”
If so, this post is for you!

Wrong Turns and Strange Precipitation: Camping at Sand Ridge State Forest

Good morning camping at Sand Ridge State Forest

In early April I drove a couple hours south to Sand Ridge State Forest to spend a night alone in one of the back country camp sites. I got a little lost on the trails, dealt with some unusual weather, and had a wonderful time by myself in the woods. Read on for the full story.

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #40

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #40. There’s something for everybody. Not too long ago I got an e-mail from a reader. In the message, he exclaimed, “I went camping last weekend and hated it!” He was disappointed having read about a couple of my trips and really wanted to get into camping. It didn’t turn out well. He had trouble getting a fire started,… Read more »