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Rule for Intrepid Living #70: You Can’t Have It All

Rules for Intrepid Living

Recent circumstances have me thinking about what it means to expend all your time, energy, and money. To, perhaps, overextend yourself. I’ve been pushing myself in a lot of ways this year, stacking a lot in my schedule, and trying to accomplish a lot of goals in 2017. Through my effort, I’ve been unexpectedly reminded of something… You can’t have… Read more »

I See London, I See France, Part Two: Art, Walking London, and Meeting Friends

Tower Bridge as seen while walking London

You can find all the posts about our trip to London and Paris by clicking here. Though we were eager to start walking London, day two started with meetings just down the road from our hotel. After a morning of work, however, we were free to explore a bit. For us, that started with something to munch. We grabbed a… Read more »

Lessons in Microadventure from a Rainy Night of Stealth Camping

Our view while stealth camping

“Ready to go?” my friend Mike asked, as I finished a beer while I sat in his living room. I told him that I was as I made my way towards the door. I tied my boots and started layering up. I finished with a rain coat, then slung my Volta onto my shoulders. Time to go. Typically I don’t… Read more »

Microadventure: What It Is and Why You Should Have One

Microadventure hike at Black Hawk State Historic Site

Anyone can take a microadventure, and everyone should, including me and you!

Rule #69: Beware the Reasonable Excuse

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rules for Intrepid Living Rule #69: Beware the Reasonable Excuse. I’ll be honest with all of you; I make a lot of excuses. I always have. My internal compass doesn’t naturally point to positivity or hard work,¬† instead I have tried to cultivate those qualities. In doing this, I have learned to spot when I’m making excuses. But even I… Read more »

Back in Black: Hiking and Rock Climbing in the Black Hills

The Black Hills

Did you ever meet someone and just click? That’s what happened when I met Eric and Alicia at their home in Rapid City. We had interacted a little online, and Clarissa knew Alicia from college, but we were essentially strangers to each other. They had graciously offered to put us up for a few days, and treat us to some… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #68

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #68. Meditate When you think about meditation, you may envision Mr. Miyagi, Splinter, Kung Fu Panda, and Yoda. Or if you’re a more realistic person you may see a monk or a hermit, cross-legged on a mountain, intoning “Om.” As far as role models go, you could do a lot worse, but I want to encourage you to see… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #67

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #67 Cultivate constructive apathy. I want you to be passionate. I want you to make the world a better place. I want you to chase dreams. And I want you to be apathetic. Wait, what? I know, it seems antithetical to the gospel I’m usually preaching, but I mean it. The thing is that I don’t want you to… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #66.

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #66. A bad day is not a bad life. Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? You’re running late, you get a flat tire, your umbrella blows away, and then you lose your keys? I’ve had plenty of those days. You know, when your jobs a joke, you’re broke, and your love life’s D.O.A…. Read more »

Adventures in America’s Best Idea: Four National Parks We Visited in 2016

Four National Parks visited in 2016

Our National Parks have been referred to as “America’s Best Idea,” and after Clarissa and I spent¬† a month traveling the country by car, I can attest that there’s definitely something to that. The National Park Service, and the men and women who work in its employ, labor to ensure that our public lands and history are well taken care… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #65.

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #65: Have fun Are you having a good time? I know, you have a to do list, you’ve got to stay committed if you want to achieve your goals, and those bills ain’t gonna pay themselves. But still, I really want to know- are you having fun? If your answer is no, there’s a problem. Listen, I’m an emotional… Read more »

Eating Bugs

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I ate some bugs the other day. This wasn’t a Bear Grylls tacti-cool experience in the woods; I’ve had that experience and it wasn’t fun. This was different. It was a deliberate choice I made while at the office. I didn’t just eat bugs, I ate bugs with a purpose. Now when you started reading this post, you may have… Read more »