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Rule for Intrepid Living #70: You Can’t Have It All

Rules for Intrepid Living

Recent circumstances have me thinking about what it means to expend all your time, energy, and money. To, perhaps, overextend yourself. I’ve been pushing myself in a lot of ways this year, stacking a lot in my schedule, and trying to accomplish a lot of goals in 2017. Through my effort, I’ve been unexpectedly reminded of something… You can’t have… Read more »

My Hand! An Update…

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Yesterday morning I had my cast removed. My broken bones have fused, but there is still some bruising and swelling. Nothing severe, just uncomfortable with a little pain thrown in to keep things interesting. I have never been more excited to wash my hands than I was yesterday! Now my hand is confined to a brace. It’s not glamorous, but… Read more »

Last Week in Review

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It’s been an interesting week, and since it has led to a delay in my publication schedule as well as contributed to future content, I’ve decided to share some of the details with you in this brief post. Let’s start with the bad news. I broke my hand while hiking on Sunday. It was unpleasant, but we handled the situation… Read more »

A Broken Hand Breaks my Timetable!

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Well friends, please allow me to apologize in advance for the delay in my upcoming posts. I promise that they’re all coming, I’m just not moving┬ávery quickly on the keyboard at the moment because my right hand is in a cast. I took a little fall yesterday while on a hike, and while trying to self-arrest, I landed on my… Read more »