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You Belong Here: Welcome to the Adventure Community

I’m headed to California to meet up with a couple of guys to hike Mount Whitney, the highest mountain peak in the lower 48 states. I’m excited to get on the mountain, but as I made preparations to leave the midwest I’ve been reminded that adventure is more than just places and activities. Adventure is a community. I have been… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #45

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #45. Maintain an explorer’s mind.
Do you find yourself getting bored easily? That’s no good!
The best way to defeat boredom is by having (and using) an explorer’s mind.
Read on to learn more!

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself

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This isn’t a surprise to people who know me, but this isn’t my first blog. I previously had a blog about my attempts at printmaking, which was on the same site as my earlier blog that was a web-comic I briefly wrote and drew whilst unhappy with a job situation. Before that I had a livejournal where various friends and… Read more »