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Trying out SUP Yoga

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Not long ago I shared my first SUP experience with you. Last Monday I had my second SUP experience, this time with the added twist of practicing yoga on the board. Indigo Wellness Studios in the Quad Cities (where Clarissa teaches some of her classes) has a SUP yoga program with a number of instructors, and some really nice boards. The cost… Read more »

My Experience with the “Art of Manliness In Action” Challenge

This post will talk a lot about Art of Manliness. I’m a fan, but I’m not affiliated with Art of Manliness in any way. Though I don’t think of my blog as catering to men more than women, this particular post will be of particular interest to fellow men. Ladies, don’t let that stop you from reading. Gentleman, if you’re… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #3

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Rule #3. Start now, not later. You can’t always have everything figured out. In fact, you’ll never have everything figured out. If you wait until you have sorted out every single step in a plan, you’ll never get anything done but planning. Sometimes you just have to get started and work out some of the details as you go. It’s… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #2

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Rule #2. Learn a unique skill. It doesn’t matter what it is or how trivial it may be. One day it will come in handy. Folding origami. Opening a bottle with something other than a bottle opener. Making duck tape roses. Making a really good mojito. Jury rigging an arc welder from jumper cables and a few car batteries. What… Read more »

My First Time on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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If you read last week’s post about our recent car-camping trip to Lake Ahquabi, then you already know that I went Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the first time during that trip. I rather enjoyed my time on the water and it proved to be a good full body workout, so I’m glad that there are places here in the Quad… Read more »

Running the 41st Annual Bix 7

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Today I participated in the 41st Annual Bix 7, a seven mile race through Davenport. Most of the time, you’re either running up a hill, or down a hill, and though it’s challenging, it isn’t so difficult that it’s too prohibitive. Let me give you just a little background on the race. The Bix 7 Road Race was the brainchild… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #1

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Years ago I found myself in an unhappy situation. I was unhealthy, cynical, and angry. Understanding that my mindset was half the battle, I came up with a plan to get rid of the dark cloud that seemed to hang over my head. What I ended up doing was constructing ten rules to live by, and following them to the… Read more »

A Weekend of Car Camping at Lake Ahquabi State Park

Clarissa and I spent the weekend car camping with friends at Lake Ahquabi State Park in Iowa, not too far from Des Moines. It’s not a bad little campsite, all things considered. There were lots of RVs there, many children zooming around on bikes, and a fair amount of dogs in the park. That being said, our neighbors were all pretty… Read more »


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Welcome, and thanks for checking out the inaugural post of Intrepid Daily. You may have some questions. What is this blog about? Who is this guy writing it? Why is it called “Intrepid Daily?” To answer those questions I’ll have to tell you a little story. All my life, I’ve dreamed of adventure. Action heroes were my idols, and I too… Read more »