Perfect Moments: An Introduction

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Have you ever had one of those perfect moments? I know I have, and I’m willing to bet that you have as well.

In fact, I’ve had several. One thing I’ve figured out over the years is that we experience these moments much more often than the realize. Sometimes we aren’t open to it. Other times we analyze or overthink it. Too often we just rush right through it because we have somewhere to be, or something to do. And that’s a damn shame.

Work, deadlines, stress, to-do lists; they’ll all be there when the perfect moment is gone, so don’t waste the experience filling your head with them. Instead, embrace the experience. Here’s how.

1. Be open to the experience. It’s easy to slip right past these moments, after all, we’ve got stuff to do! Don’t make that mistake.

2. Don’t overthink it. There’s no need to postulate why what is happening is happening. If you’re the kind that needs to analyze everything, do it later. Instead, just enjoy the experience. Let it fill you with awe. The world is an amazing beautiful place. Just enjoy it in that moment.

3. Understand that the moment is fleeting. Perfect¬†moments can’t last forever. That’s part of the magic. You may feel the experience dwindling and wish that it would keep going, but just as you can’t force the experience to happen, nor can you force it to endure. Eventually the practical aspects of life will return to view, but don’t worry;¬†sooner or later, if you remain open to it, you’ll have another experience.

4. Don’t worry about forgetting. When you experience a perfect moment, it stays with you for a lifetime. It’ll be tattooed on your memory, so don’t be afraid that you’ll forget it the next morning.

Now that you’re thinking about it, has such a moment come to mind? I know a few have for me, and I’m going to share them with you. Every so often, when the memory of one of these experiences comes to mind, I’ll post it for you to read. If you’re so inclined, and I hope you are, you can respond by telling me about some of your perfect moments in the comments. Expect the first “Perfect Moments” post soon.

“Perfect Moments” is a randomly recurring post that details some of the incredible moments I’ve experienced during my adventures, my travels, even just my everyday life. Hopefully they interest, inspire, or at least entertain for a minute or two.