Adventure Is an Attitude: Rule for Intrepid Living #72

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Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Rule #72 is taken from a quote by mountaineer, climbing guide, and Mount Everest summiter, John Amatt. In full, the quote states; “Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life.” Awhile back, I wrote a post questioning if every day… Read more »

Turning 35 and Looking Back on 2017

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Yesterday was my 35th birthday. We celebrated quietly, wrapped up in a blanket, watching a documentary-ish reality series on Netflix, and staying warm as the outside temperature plummeted and the roads iced over. At our feet, our pup Inkling alternated between chewing on a bully stick and snoozing in a little nest. I’m no party animal, and as far as… Read more »

Get the Funk Out with WIN Sports Detergent

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Win Detergent

Workout apparel has come a long way since I ran cross country in high school. That was 1998 – 2000, and when I wasn’t in uniform, I ran in basketball shorts, random t-shirts, and white cotton briefs. Now everything is synthetic, and it’s awesome! Modern synthetics wick moisture away from the skin, insulate to keep you warm, and can breathe… Read more »

What’s New with Intrepid Daily

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For my loyal readers I’m sure you’ve noticed that over the last few months, the publication of new content has slowed to a crawl. You may have wondered if Intrepid Daily was going to drift off into internet obscurity, with no new posts to ever be seen again. It’s not. Clarissa and I have made a lot of big changes… Read more »

Exploring Arches National Park: On the Road in Utah

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Strap yourselves in ladies and gents, we’re headed to Arches National Park. After we parted ways with Amanda in Colorado, we continued West, to Moab. Here we met up with Clarissa’s friend Hannah and then continued to Ken’s Lake Campground, a nice BLM site where we tented up for the night. As soon as the sun sank below the ridgeline,… Read more »

3 Life Lessons from America’s Toughest Mudder

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Our America's Toughest Mudder Team

I recently ran America’s Toughest Mudder Midwest, and I’ve been talking about it, A LOT. I describe the obstacles, the mileage, and the soreness that followed, but in truth that’s just setting the stage. I’m really talking about the race as context for a greater purpose. I’m not just talking about getting muddy or hypothermic, I’m talking about doing the… Read more »

America’s Toughest Mudder: I’m Not Ready (But I’m Gonna Do it Anyway)

Spartan race

In December 2015 I flew to LA to run a Spartan Race with one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. That experience beat me up a little, but I found it enjoyable in some regards. I also learned a lot from running the Spartan Sprint, about the adventure community and about what I’m capable of…. Read more »

A Guide to Enjoying the Great American Eclipse (for the Unprepared)

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Enjoy the Great American Eclipse.

Early in 2017, a friend of mine made plans to head to Southern Illinois to view the upcoming Great American Eclipse. As good friends do, he included my wife and I in those plans, but unfortunately they fell through fairly early on, and I have to confess, I pretty much forgot about the eclipse. That is until my friend Brian… Read more »

More Adventures in the Black Hills and Badlands

Black Hills and Badlands

Recently we had the good fortune to return to Badlands National Park and the Black Hills area. As those of you who have followed my blog for awhile know, I love these places. So when we had the opportunity to partner with Black Hills and Badlands to explore some new places and experiences in western South Dakota, we jumped all… Read more »

Poison Ivy: Seven Things You Need To Know Before You Hit the Trail

Poison Ivy alongside the trail.

When I was kid, early on in my scouting career, I made the rookie mistake of wiping my butt with an unidentified leaf. As you can probably guess, given the nature of this post, that was a very bad call. I had an itchy rash in areas I would have preferred to remain itchy rash free, but I learned a… Read more »

The Joy of Here: Four Reasons to Have a Local Adventure

Local adventure

Last month I had the good fortune to briefly play guide to a fellow blogger, Kovas of Midwest Basecamp, while he visited the Quad Cities. I led him, his son, and some friends on a local hike, and then Clarissa and I joined our new friends the next morning for some stand up paddleboarding and kayaking. We had a fantastic… Read more »