My Hand! An Update…

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Yesterday morning I had my cast removed. My broken bones have fused, but there is still some bruising and swelling. Nothing severe, just uncomfortable with a little pain thrown in to keep things interesting. I have never been more excited to wash my hands than I was yesterday!


Now my hand is confined to a brace. It’s not glamorous, but it does the job. Better yet, I can take it off, so when I’m at home, my hand is still pretty free. It’s also stiff, sore, still a little bruised and swollen, and incredibly weak. I’ll need to retrain it to do what I want it to, but I’m moving in the right direction. It’s amazing that such a minor injury and two weeks in a cast have left my hand in its current condition; this was minuscule in the grand scheme of things, and it still kicked my ass . Anyone who has spent significant periods of time in a cast with serious fractures, my hat is off to you.


This is much easier to deal with.

So what now? Well, if you have any advice on rehabbing a broken hand, I’d love to hear it. Other than that, I’ll just keep using it as much as I can without re-injurying myself. My hope is for a return to normal strength, flexibility, and all-around manual dexterity by November. My goal has been to spend some of the winter months building some things we could use around the house, and if I have good function of my hand by November I’ll be ready for the bitter winter months that come after the new year. If it has to take a little longer, so be it, but that’s what I’m currently shooting for, and will adjust as necessary.

Please allow me to express a sincere apology for the recent slowing of posts not only on my blog, but also on social media. I have fallen short of my goals in the last few weeks, but I’m working to quickly regain some traction. I’m also sorry that I somehow messed up and posted Rule #9 twice and threw off my numbering system. Rest assured, you will get a brand new Rule for Intrepid Living this week! I also want to say thanks to everyone who has given me encouragement and has patiently waited for me to update my blog. I love my readers, and I’m very grateful for your support.

I’ve had to delay some experiences that I planned to write about, as well as delay some articles that I was already working on. Luckily, writing is much easier again, so I should be able to get back to a more robust publication schedule. If you’ve been waiting on content I promised last month, I hope to have at least some of it posted in the next week or so. I’ve also been preparing some new material that i hope you’ll find useful, as well as gearing up for a few more giveaways, so keep checking back or follow me on Instagram or here on WordPress.

Stay wild, stay free, stay intrepid.

2 thoughts on “My Hand! An Update…

  1. Allysse Riordan

    Good to know your hand is out of the cast 🙂
    Don’t worry about being behind scheduled with your blog. It’s perfectly understandable. And it’s better you take time to heal your hand properly rather than rush it. Those things cannot be rushed.

    I look forward to reading your next post.

    1. Wade

      Thank you for your patience. I have to admit I am having difficulty remaining patient myself! It’s amazing how one little injury and two weeks in a cast can render a hand almost useless. It’s really difficult for me to have to put so many projects on hold. Hopefully I’m almost out of the woods!

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