My Experience with the “Art of Manliness In Action” Challenge

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This post will talk a lot about Art of Manliness. I’m a fan, but I’m not affiliated with Art of Manliness in any way. Though I don’t think of my blog as catering to men more than women, this particular post will be of particular interest to fellow men. Ladies, don’t let that stop you from reading. Gentleman, if you’re not familiar with Art of Manliness, I strongly advise you to go check it out, I will be providing ample links throughout this post. Please enjoy!


Roughly one month ago, I posted the above photo on Instagram, and detailed how my fiance and I (inspired by an article from the Art of Manliness titled “Getting Out There: My 8-Week Microadventure Challenge”) had decided to take her parents hiking in a nearby State Park while they visited us over Independence Day weekend. You can see this was one of the hikes during which I sported my awesome Cotopaxi Volta that I recently reviewed.

About two weeks ago, to my great pleasure, my image was re-posted by Art of manliness.

The re-post, care of @artofmanliness

The re-post, care of @artofmanliness

The re-post excited me, a lot. Art of Manliness has influenced me in a number of ways, thanks to a plethora of thoroughly researched and incredibly well-written articles. In fact, the aforementioned article about microadventures was one of the inspirations for me to take the next step and start my own “adventure” blog (which you’re now reading). If you feel like you’re missing out on some adventure in life, seriously, check out the link at the end of this post, and you too will fell likewise inspired.

So, why the repost? I had tagged the original photo with #aominaction which is part of a challenge that AOM has issued.

Take a picture that shows you putting the Art of Manliness in Action. Post it on Instagram, tag it with @artofmanliness and #aominaction so I can see it… I don’t care what it is. Big or small. If there’s something AoM has written that you’ve put into action that’s made you a better man, I want to see it. The ultimate goal of this challenge is to inspire you to take action, and to have your actions inspire others to do likewise…  Each Friday during 2015, I’ll pick 1-3 pictures that have been tagged with @artofmanliness and #aominaction on Instagram that best exemplify the Art of Manliness in action and re-share it on our Instagram feed. There isn’t a set criteria for how I’ll pick these. Super fancy pictures won’t earn you more points. Substance takes precedent over form. Tell a story. Show me what you’re doing with the content on Art of Manliness to improve yourself and better the lives of those around you. The man who I select each week will be the recipient of a reward that will remain secret. Only those who earn the Art of Manliness in Action reward will know what it is when they receive it in the mail. You’ll never be able to buy it. It’s something you have to earn. (Read more at:

I have been sharing a number of my photos and tagging them for the challenge, not really because I wanted to win a reward, but rather because I loved the idea of sharing with everyone else who was taking part. That being said, I felt pretty honored that my photo was selected. Selection meant that more people could see how beneficial taking a microadventure could be, which is awesome. That being said, I was excited to receive my package from Art of Manliness in the mail last Monday.

Here it is!

Here it is!

A letter from Brett McKay, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Art of Manliness, filled me with pride, but also humbled me a bit as it reminded me that I am part of a community that honors one another by recognizing each other’s efforts, that builds one another up instead of tearing each other down, and measures success by actions, not just words. I was honored to receive this reward, but of course, if you read the quote above, you’ll know that the nature of the reward is a secret, one that I am honor bound to keep.

But for the men out there reading this, you can be a part of this too. I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking to make a positive change in your life. One of the great things about Art of Manliness in Action is that it is based on the idea that small steps add up to big effects. Just like saving a small amount of your income can lead to a large sum of money, small actions will add up to big changes in your life. I urge you to consider heading over to the site, learning what it’s about, and taking part in the #AOMInAction challenge. You won’t regret it.

If you’re not familiar with Art of Manliness, you should definitely head to the site and see what you’re missing!

You can find their main page here at

You can find the article about microadventures that inspired me by following this link.

And you can learn more about Art of Manliness in Action by following this link.

I wanted to reiterate that other than being an avid reader, I am not affiliated in any way with Art of Manliness. None of the material on is my work, and in no way do I wish to take credit for any of their labor. But seriously, go check out their stuff!