Just *about* Married

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Well everyone, by the time you’re reading this, Clarissa and I will be headed to her home town in South Dakota where we’ll get hitched on Saturday. After that we’re running farther West in the state to hang out in the Black Hills for a few days.

While I’m away, I’ve got some new content scheduled to post automagically. You can count on getting your new Rules for Intrepid Living post tomorrow and next Thursday. Keep your eye out for other cool stuff like a review of our Luzon day packs and additional posts.

If you’d like to keep up with us while we’re exploring South Dakota, you can follow me on Instagram and see what we’re up to while we’re up to it. Otherwise, I’ll be writing up some delicious content about our wanderings.

Until we return, stay intrepid!

2 thoughts on “Just *about* Married

  1. Wade

    Thanks very much Allysse! The wedding went quite well and we loved our time in the Black Hills. It was tempting to just stay and never come back!

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