Current Events 2/22/2016

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Illiniwek Forest Preserve overlooking the Mississippi

The Mississippi River as seen from the overlook in Illiniwek Forest Preserve.

We’re just starting a new work week after an unseasonably warm weekend. One could refer to Saturday as ridiculously warm, and we took the opportunity to return to Illiniwek Forest Preserve near Hampton, IL. We haven’t been back there since I broke my hand in the preserve back in September.

Broken hand at Illiniwek Forest Preserve

A shot from when I broke my hand last September

We didn’t get back to the exact spot where I managed to take my spill last year; it was slow going. Heavy snows the previous weekend combined with the unseasonably warm temperatures this past weekend meant that the trail was a muddy quagmire.

Raccoon track in the mud at Illiniwek Forest Preserve

We weren’t the only ones getting muddy! I’m thinking raccoon track. Any thoughts?

It was slow, muddy, fun. Ultimately we only managed to slop along for two miles before having to pack it in as the sun got low in the sky. Still, I did manage to find my new home away from home in the case of me finally stepping on Clarissa’s last good nerve.

Living in a tree trunk

My new home!

Yesterday (Sunday), was a bit cooler, though still quite warm, with some chilly winds and an overcast sky. We decided we hadn’t had enough of being outside though, and set off East on the Great River Trail from the Schwiebert Riverfront Park in Rock Island. It’s a fairly easy walk, but we did find a section that’s closed.

Detour on the Great River Trail

Mind the detour!

That’s fine, because it meant we detoured through the Sylvan Slough Naturalized Park. It’s a great little park that was previously a bit of industrial blight. No more! The ruins of the spot make for a great place to sit and have a bit of water, or a good spot for yoga poses.

Sitting on a wall at the Sylvan Slough Naturalized Park

I sit and relax…

Yoga at the Sylvan Slough Naturalized Park

And Clarissa strikes yoga poses.

We followed the path all the way to downtown Moline, then temporarily abandoned it to visit Bent River Brewing for a mug of Blueberry Uncommon Stout.

Then it was time for the return trip, back along the river, and eventually back to Schwiebert.
Centennial Bridge as seen from the Great River Trail
All in all, we walked about eight miles on Sunday, covering four of the sixty mile Great River Trail. My hope is to take three or four days and walk the path in its entirety this spring or summer. I’ve been plotting and planning, so we’ll see how it turns out.

What else is going on…

Last Monday (2/15/2016), the Moline Dispatch and the Rock Island Argus published a profile of Intrepid Daily. The blog got unprecedented high traffic that day, so hopefully that will help spread the good word about getting out and having having adventures, big and small. Big thanks to my new friend Todd Welvaert for thinking of me for his article!

Coming up this week, I’ll be participating in the Figge Art Museum’s Thursday night Pecha Kucha, where each participant gets twenty slides, and can speak for twenty seconds for each slide (for a total of six minutes). It will be difficult to distill myself (if you’re reading this, you already know that I’m not exactly known for brevity), but hopefully it gets more people excited about getting out and doing stuff. If you’ve never seen a Pecha Kucha, it’s an interesting way to learn about new stuff, and if you’re in the Quad Cities area, please consider yourself invited to come on Thursday night at the Figge. The museum is free that night, so come and explore some of the galleries, then check out the presentations starting at 6:30.

I’m also excited to accompany members of the Black Hawk Hiking Club on an outing this upcoming Saturday. I’m looking forward to getting to know some locals who love getting out and hiking, and learning more about nearby hikes that Clarissa and I will need to check out!

How did you spend your weekend? What exciting stuff do you have coming up? I’d love to hear about it, so tell me all about it down in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Current Events 2/22/2016

  1. Allysse Riordan

    A very good way to spend a week-end 🙂
    It’s quite exciting all the things you’re getting involved in. Best of luck with the talk!

    I have to admit, my week-end was everything but outdoorsy. I mostly spent it at home cooking, having dinner with friends, reading in bed, and doing a bit of tidying up. Those past few days, I’ve become quite a hermit, enjoying the comfort of home before I set off for Portugal and leave out of my bike panniers 🙂

    1. Wade

      Well, it may not have been outdoorsy, but yours sounds like a pretty good weekend too! Plus, it’s good to get all those things squeezed in before you hit the road!


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