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Why the Humble Power Strip Might Be My Ultimate Travel Accessory

Electronics plugged into power strip

Since many of you will soon be traveling for the holidays, now is a good time to talk about travel accessories. Actually, one travel accessory; the power strip. In conversations about essential travel gear, I often surprise people when I tell them that I travel with a power strip. I understand their doubts. Power strips can be bulky, and outlets… Read more »

Why Microadventure Matters: The Quest for Adventure Despite Limitations

Why Microadventure Matters

I’ve been a big advocate of microadventure since reading Alastair Humphreys’ book, Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes. Humphreys’ examples take place in England, but the philosophy of microadventure fits just as well in the US. I encourage you to read his book if you have the opportunity, or to check out my posts on the subject (here and here),… Read more »

I Bailed Out: Another Successful Failure of a Camping Trip

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Hiking in the Black Hills

Recently I realized that I haven’t had any alone time in the woods in months. In need of a little nature therapy, I parked my car at a trail head here in the Black Hills National Forest, set off on foot along a motorized trail, and searched for a spot to set up a shelter. Despite hiking for seven miles,… Read more »

Make Something: Rule for Intrepid Living #76

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Make something. Like a canoe paddle

One thing that sets us humans apart from most animals is that we’re capable of creating things and using them to improve our lives. We’re tool-makers, creators, and builders. We make things, repair possessions, and develop all kinds of fun and useful stuff! The call to make something is ingrained in us, no matter if we’re craftsmen or desk workers…. Read more »

You Don’t Need Permission: Rule for Intrepid Living #75

Local Adventure - State parks

Is there something that you’d like to do, but you’ve just never gotten around to it? A project or goal that you’d like to achieve, but just haven’t started yet? You know that you’re breaking Rule Number 3, and you’re waiting to start later, but you’re not sure why. It happens to all of us; we don’t necessarily know how… Read more »

Four Ways to Use Instagram for Adventure (and Two Warnings)

instagram for adventure

NOTE: I wanted to share this post again with a few edits and updates, most notably, the Leave No Trace Center’s Social Media Guidelines which I was unfamiliar with when I originally published this post. I’m bad at social media. I very much love to use it, to share and consume content, but I’m not consistent. I’m sure that part… Read more »

No More Excuses: Smash Through Obstacles and Have an Adventure

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I’m a pretty busy person. I’m not unique in the regard; you’re pretty busy too. Sometimes, it seems like we’re too busy to do the things that we really want to do. We’re too busy to work on our goals. We’re just too busy. But then again, maybe we’re not. Maybe we’re wasting time that we’re not even aware of…. Read more »

Real Adventurers Have Day Jobs

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Real adventurers have day jobs.

I spent my life dreaming of adventure; aspiring to travel, try new things, and explore everywhere (and everything) that I could. The dream spoke to me, trying to guide my decisions, but like many would-be adventurers, I listened less and less over time. “Oh, I still want adventure,” I’d tell myself. “But it’ll have to wait until I finish college.”… Read more »

Focus on The Process, Not The End Result: Rule for Intrepid Living #74

South Window at Arches National Park

When I started this blog, I found certain aspects infuriating. I won’t get into details, but the writing came easy, the editing a little harder, but trying to grow readership… Well, not my forte. Rule #74 was the answer. What’s Rule #74? Jeez, read the title, it’s “focus on the process, not the end result.” This applies to more than… Read more »

Mishaps with Ticks and an Electric Fence: Have Fun Anyway

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Recently I took Inkling hiking while scouting locations for a freelance gig. I love hiking with the pup, but she does introduce a challenge to getting photo and video content; there’s a lot of coaxing involved with getting her in the right shot. Now don’t let that sound negative, because it’s actually a great thing. It allows me to patiently… Read more »

Ready for a Life Lesson? Here’s Five from My Puppy

I’ve said before that we can find wisdom in unlikely places, and it’s true; we can learn a lot from all sorts of experiences, if we pay attention and reflect upon it. I quickly discovered that as I trained Inkling, and worked to teach her how to effectively share our lives, my experiences with her provided a pretty instructive life… Read more »