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Lost Trails and Helicopters: Mount Whitney, Part Two

Bighorn Park

This post is the second part of a five part story. If you haven’t read the previous installment you can find it here. Part Two Feeling empowered by the crampons on our boots, we quickly crossed a couple of streams on wooden log bridges, and then stepped back into snow. Then came the time to test our new-found confidence, as… Read more »

Mount Whitney Trail, Ice Axes, and Crampons: Mount Whitney Part One

Heading up the Mount Whitney Trail

Prologue When my oldest friend Tim invited me to California to hike Mount Whitney, I swelled with excitement for the opportunity to summit the highest mountain in the continental US. I hoped that I could write a nice article about my experience on the mountain. It’s early in the season, and the Sierras witnessed more snowfall than they have in… Read more »

Eating Bugs

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I ate some bugs the other day. This wasn’t a Bear Grylls tacti-cool experience in the woods; I’ve had that experience and it wasn’t fun. This was different. It was a deliberate choice I made while at the office. I didn’t just eat bugs, I ate bugs with a purpose. Now when you started reading this post, you may have… Read more »

Can Every Day be an Adventure?

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When it comes to our lives, we often see the adventures sprinkled amidst the day to day activities that come with adulthood; working, paying bills, cooking and cleaning for example. These are things that we have to do to get by, so obviously not every single day of our lives can be an adventure, right? I don’t think of it that… Read more »

Fitness, Friendship, & Fun: My Experience with Plan For Adventure

Plan for Adventure

It’s a few minutes before we get down to business. About ten of us are milling around, chit-chatting about work or looking at a chalkboard on the wall that holds today’s workout. We recognize the exercises, but not necessarily the formula for how the circuit works out. I shake out my legs and arms a bit. Then Mike shouts, “everybody… Read more »

Rules for Intrepid Living: Rule #46.

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Rules for Intrepid Living

Rule #46. Safety gear is cool. Several years ago I needed to tear down an old steel shed in my family’s backyard. The screws, nuts, and bolts holding the monstrosity together had long since rusted into one large chunk of metal, so taking it down in an orderly fashion was out of the question. Instead, I found myself wielding a heavy… Read more »

This Plan Could Save Your Life: Part 2

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What do you do when things go wrong? We like to believe that we’ll think rationally in the heat of the moment, but that’s not always the case. This is why you should always have a Bail Out Plan when you’re going to be in potentially dangerous situations. What’s a Bail Out Plan? Read on to find out!

Four Reasons Not To Run a Spartan Race

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Spartan Sprint,mud obstacle

Many thanks to Spartan Race for granting permission to use their photos on my blog. I don’t think this post would have been nearly as interesting without them, so I’m very grateful!   On December 6th, I ran a Spartan Sprint with my brother Tim at Castaic Lake State Recreation Area in Southern California. This was my first ever Spartan… Read more »

This Plan Could Save Your Life: Part 1

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Back in my post about Rule #10, I detailed how nothing will ever go entirely as planned. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do any planning. I love spontaneity, but there is definitely a time to make a plan and stick with it. In the same post, I briefly introduced the concept of the Flight Plan. This post… Read more »

You’re Not Bored, You’re Boring…

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Note: While I try to write for a broad audience, this post discusses banking and money, and in that discussion I refer to US institutions and dollars. The rest of the information in this post will still work for you, regardless of where you live. This summer I observed this meme, or others like it, popping up on social media…. Read more »