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Current Events, Upcoming Adventures, and Technical Fixes

Current Events and Upcoming Adventures

Greetings Intrepid Daily readers! My publication schedule has been a little erratic as of late, and I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. I wanted to take an opportunity to bring you up to speed about what I’m up to, what’s going on, and what’s coming up. Current Events: Since completing the Great River Trail Trash Trek, things have been pretty… Read more »

Welcome to My New Home:!

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Intrepid Daily

2015 proved to be an exciting year in many ways. Clarissa and I moved out of our apartment and into an awesome century-old house, we got married, there were hikes and camp outs, new foods and airfare, surgeries and fractures. We explored the Black Hills, drove to Madison, slept along the banks of the Mississippi River, made new friends, and… Read more »

Winners of the Swiss Army Knife Giveaway

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Spartan Swiss Army Knife

Greetings all! I wanted to take this moment to say thanks to those of you who entered my Swiss Army Knife Giveaway, and congratulate Seth and Jennifer Anne who have been selected as winners. If you two could contact me with your shipping information, I’ll be sure to get your prizes in the mail right away! I’ll be doing more… Read more »

Current Events 10/26/2015

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It’s been a pretty good week everyone. Let’s do a little recap!   What I got up to:   Last weekend Clarissa and I did a little hiking at Blackhawk State Historic Site. It’s ten minutes from our house, and has some decent little trails. It’s particularly lovely now that the leaves are colorful and crunchy, so if you’re in… Read more »

Last Week in Review

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It’s been an interesting week, and since it has led to a delay in my publication schedule as well as contributed to future content, I’ve decided to share some of the details with you in this brief post. Let’s start with the bad news. I broke my hand while hiking on Sunday. It was unpleasant, but we handled the situation… Read more »