A Broken Hand Breaks my Timetable!

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Well friends, please allow me to apologize in advance for the delay in my upcoming posts. I promise that they’re all coming, I’m just not moving very quickly on the keyboard at the moment because my right hand is in a cast.

See, I'm not making it up!

See, I’m not making it up!

I took a little fall yesterday while on a hike, and while trying to self-arrest, I landed on my hand at the wrong angle, and fractured a metacarpal. It’s a clean break, and should heal without too many problems, but for now it sure is making uncomfortable.


Check out the swelling!

I will continue to work on writing, editing, and posting content, but it’s going to take a little longer than usual. I’ve got a few posts in the works that will come your way soon. The Honeymoon posts are still in the works, they’re just going to be delayed. I appreciate all your patience as I learn to work around this chunk of fiberglass on my hand! And sometime in the future, expect a post about injury, first aid, and self-care. We did a pretty good job dealing with the situation, and eventually I want to share some of the insights that I had from getting hurt.

So again, thank you for your patience. I’ll try not to leave you hanging for too long!

Until next time, stay intrepid.

Until next time, stay intrepid.